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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing but a love of fun & fresh air and their normal collar, Waggin’ Tails and Trails will provide all the rest! We supply all the necessary equipment for your dog to have a super enjoyable hike; leash, harness, etc. We also supply endless fresh water, treats and love during our hikes!
Absolutely no aggressive dogs or people. Dogs must be current on vaccinations including bordetella, licensed, and wearing their license, rabies, and owner info tags. Waggin’ Tails & Trails and our vets highly recommend that your dog(s) be on some kind of monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.
When we arrive at our doggie destination, we hit the trail to enjoy a hike style that suites your dog at their pace! During our hike your dog will get to sniff flowers, stretch their legs, enjoy lots of fresh air and just be a dog outdoors!
It’s convenient & easy! When you enroll your dog in our weekly hike outings, we will establish a recurring day(s) of the week schedule based on our neighborhood service schedule.
We go on adventures in rain, shine or snow. We will always be in touch if anything unexpected comes up (like thunder and lightening), but if you don’t hear from us, then plan that the adventure is a GO. We have a lot of clients that count on us to get their dogs exercise while they are away for a long day at work. Also, bad weather days are typically when most dogs don’t get any exercise at all. If it is extremely cold out, we will shorten the adventure based on how the dogs are doing and even warm up in the car at least once during the adventure as well.
We have a simple automated process that makes paying easy. Once your dog has been scheduled for their first outing, we collect your payment information and store it in our safe and secure system. You can update or change your payment information at any time.
All the traditional ways are acceptable—we prefer checks or credit card through the Time To Pet tool. We are currently developing additional online payments as well.
A typical hike is 4 to 6 hours of fun & companionship from the time your doggie is picked up to the time your dog is returned safely to your home. 
Our mission is to make every dog a happy, healthy dog! based on your doggie’s details & our Get To Know process we will establish if Waggin’ Tails & Trails and your dog are a good fit. We’ll discuss what is in the best interest of your dog’s health and the safety of the pack. We’ll consult on this during our meet and greet but most dogs need at least one hour of vigorous activity daily. Ideally, many of the following groups of dogs would have at least 2 hours of exercise and mental stimulation daily: Herding, Sporting, Working , Hounds and Terriers. Dogs are built for outdoor life and these two needs are a common conflict in the canine-human relationship and we can help with that.
Yes, not only will you get a text you to let you know, Waggin’ Tails & Trails will send you a report card.  
Unfortunately, it’s not possible because of the logistics of pick-ups and drop-offs. Our adventure spots are usually a game-time decision.
While we love all dogs, we do have some simple requirements to ensure that our clients (canine and otherwise) have a great experience:
  • Dogs must be at least 8 months of age before joining the program.
  • Dogs must have reliable recall to their name and fit well into our dog pack (we love to let pups roam, but we have to ensure that they can be safely recalled at all times).
  • All dogs must be fixed by their first adventure.
  • All dogs must be available for pick-up during the allotted time slot, no last minute changes.
  • All dogs must have up-to-date tags and a safely fastened collars.
Yep, there sure is. We’re a small company and while we would love to take all the dogs on all the adventures, but we have limited capacity. If you want to get your dog into the program, just shoot us an email and we’ll respond as soon as we can. We’re growing fast so hopefully we can get your furry friend out asap!
Although there is an extra charge for pet-sitting on holidays, we typically continue adventures on most holidays. It is our policy to always be in touch with you about any adventures (including holidays) that will not be going out. Also, on major holidays we typically check in with clients to see if they will still need their regularly scheduled adventure that day(s) as we know you are busy and sometimes forget to cancel on holidays.
If you’re interested in learning more about our services, and wish to try us out, start here. 
After a phone call and in-person meeting with both you and your beloved four-legger, we’ll schedule a complimentary, trial hike.  I will verify that your dog is current on vaccinations such as Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo.  
After vaccinations are verified and a successful initial trial hike, you can then decide what package suits your needs best. 
Your dog will now be a member of the ChattaPoochie Hiking Club and can look forward to a fun, adventurous excursion with his or her four-legged friends.