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Release The Hounds!        

A tired dog is a happy, healthy dog.

There is no happier dog than a trail dog.

You arrive home after a long stressful day at work, you walk in the door and your dog goes nuts after being home alone all day. Your dog envisions some quality time with you, a 2-hour walk stopping to smell every bush along the way, and then play some ball afterwards. Meanwhile you envision putting your putting your feet up and having some thing cool to drink in your hand.

When your pup can’t be with you, let them be with us, give them what they crave; dirt under their paws as they run free through the trees, fresh mountain air filling curious noses, a cool wade in a creek, and the company of the new doggie pack. Simply put, your dog is the luckiest dog in the world.

Solution: Waggin’ Tails and Trails…. Hike by day, happy tired dog by dinnertime for you.

tracy with dogs

Meet Tracy

After a 14-year career in the dental industry among other things, her experience working in the dental field taught her experience, organization, reliability and the importance of customer service. She realized that the demands of a full-time job and other life factors did not allow her to exercise her dogs they way that she wanted. She also found that some dogs need more than just a spin around the block or doggie day care. Tracy loves dogs because they are just as passionate about the outdoors as she is. This and the fact that one of her first jobs was in a vet office as a vet technician brought Waggin’ Tails & Trails to life. Tracy is First Aid/CPR dog certified.

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Waggin’ Tails & Trails is an insured and bonded company.